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Several professional actors and non-actor professionals portray a dynamic of human-nature relationship in one of the most active stratovolcano in the world, Mount Merapi. In the shadows of recent eruptions, these actors play a story that is written together with volcanologist, sand miner, and a mystic—people who have a close bond with the mountain, potentially illustrating fiction and nonfiction situations that could and would have happened in Merapi.

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Golden Hanoman Award at Jogja-Netpac Asian Film Festival 2023

Jury statement: "Monisme is incredibly assured feature debut. The jury was unanimous in our appreciation of the film, in particular we admired the bold experimentation, the bravery of its movement between genres and different types of footage. Monisme is a complex story that can only be told through the medium of cinema and heralds a very exciting cinematic voice in contemporary cinema."

Best Feature Film at Bucharest International Experimental Film Festival 2023

Jury statement: "Ambitious and coherent, this striking debut feature commits to co-authorship in order to create a stunning and politically uncompromising kaleidoscope. Bringing myth and science, reality and fantasy onto an equal plane where there is no hierarchy of knowledge, this film presents a case study of ecological rupture with Indonesia's most active volcano Mount Merapi at its epicenter. The Best Feature Film Award goes to Monisme."

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This film is supported by Doha Film Institute, Hubert Bals Fund, Purin Pictures, The Tan Ean Kiam Foundation – SGIFF Southeast Asian Documentary, and Yamagata Documentary Dojo.


Interview on Monisme:

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