The Right to Do Nothing

Commissioned by CTM Festival Berlin, Deutschlandfunk Kultur / Klangkunst Germany and ORF Austrian Broadcasting Service.

The Right to Do Nothing is a sonic fiction in the form of radio play that will take you into a world of non-productivity. It tells a story of A, an Indonesian migrant domestic worker in Hong Kong, who is trapped (or blessed) in an ultraterrestrial world where the notion of work does not exist. In this play we join the flâneuse A in deep-listening to a soundscape that juxtaposes a world-without-work with A’s critical thoughts and contemplations.

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Radio play 48’51”

Indonesian and Cantonese with an extra English video subtitle and illustrations.

The Right to Do Nothing is up online for a while on CTM Festival's website and other platforms.

The German version of this piece can be accessed in Deutschlandfunk Kultur website.

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Written, directed, mixed and mastered by Riar Rizaldi

Field recording and sound design by Riar Rizaldi

Voiced by Frisna Virginia, Nadia Tirensia, Elaine W. Ho

Music contribution by Nursalim Yadi Anugerah, Duto Hardono, Bin Idris

Illustration by Rega Ayundya Putri

Special thanks to Dian Septi Trisnanti (of Marsinah FM), Eni Lestari (of the Association of Indonesian Migrant Workers and International Migrants Alliance), and Natasha Tontey.

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Installation view at NOW WHAT? SeMA, Buk-Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul 2023

FM Radio player, broadcasting radio drama, view-master with illustration

Photos by Sangtae Kim. Courtesy of Seoul Museum of Art.


Installation view at Taipei Biennial 2023: Small World

Stereo speaker of broadcasted radio drama with projected English and Chinese subtitle

Photo courtesy of Taipei Fine Arts Museum.