Duration 20'36"

In an alternative future of Indonesia, when nuclear technology reaches the point of generating an artificial sun for endless energy resources, a lazy philosopher Sajad Ali wandering around seeks a place to sleep. Told in a semi-essayistic approach, Sajad Ali reflects the dynamics of nuclear technology in the future, the politics of materiality through the search for minerals such as thorium in Indonesia, as well as the complexity of nuclear issue in the Global South and its tension with ecology, energy consumption, nation-state, and productivity.

With Muchlis Mustafa (as Sajad Ali), Ninda Fillasputri (as miner), Galuh Putri Satyarini (as miner), Marshal Pardede (as paramilitary, costume designer), Adythia Utama (director of photography), Didin Akhmad Bakir (line producer), Harsya Wahono (sound operator, additional mix).

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Film stills

Installation view at Biennale Jogja XVI Equator #6 2021, Indonesia.

HD video, 9 military pattern camping chair

Photos by Niken Pamikatsih.