Spectatorship - installation

Spectatorship plays on the behaviour of users who observe live-streaming and brings it to the physical space. Taking the initiation from the emergent of real-time broadcasted suicidal phenomena on digital platforms, in its presentation Spectatorship utilises 3D models and motion capture as a form of representation of the surplus reality—reality that fabricated on a screen. The platform that used to broadcast actions that end life is also the cause of many people losing their lives; social media and suicide are two interconnected exponents. 

Spectatorship also plays on a user behaviour in response to image circulation; the user who becomes a bystander—an observer without action. In the phenomenon of image circulation, death is almost impossible. Platform capitalists like Facebook and Google always have a way to make their user immortal in the virtual spaces they monopolised. A business model that force its consumers to always addicted to attention and information resulted in an endless image production—monitoring the massive volume of image circulation in a virtual network is also an impossible task to execute. Live-streaming technology that can be accessed by all users—both Google via YouTube Live, and Facebook via Facebook Live and Instagram Live as well as IGTV—expands the circulation of the images. When circulation becomes increasingly massive and the variation of visual consumed is unstoppable, the user only ends up as a passive observer. Live-streaming of suicides or murder acts can make the audience accept this as only a shocking factor without having the responsibility to solve it. On the other hand, everything broadcast on the platform will continue to be stored in the cloud. Its presence is immortal.

When a person is treated as an algorithm and statistics; what is the meaning of reality in the world of attention economy and digital platforms?

Spectatorship visual method is heavily influenced by SACOM's offline activism.


Impraboard sculpture, 32" monitor, looping video, cable

First presentation at Pekan Seni Media 2018: Local Genius at Taman Budaya Provinsi Sulawesi Tengah, Palu, Indonesia.

Installation view photos by Luthfan Nur Rochman.