The notion of ‘smart city,' which is being promoted massively everywhere in Indonesia since the beginning of 2013 as a somekind of new urban developing project, is a cybernetic fantasy. A messianic newness by mostly non-state corporation and start-up entities. Smart city is a video analytic, active alarm monitoring, real-time data management, real-estate ecstatic, and constant surveillance. How to put trust on the authoritarian and elitist transformation in developing urban landscape? The migration of many rural environments into booming cities traces mass environmental destruction. Smart city is how the real-estate tag-teamed with the state-government to add narration around futurity, high techness and superficial innovation while the bottom line everything is about adding value to the land real-estate. Treating land as tabula rasa. In the world of more and more data, data is the most valuable resource for a smart city proposal.

SmartUrbanization is a commissioned work for the public art event Seni Bandung. In its presentation, it is appropriating the advertorial imagery of smart cities, real-estate aesthetic and a simple technicality of cloud computing. Using sculptured server and high range Wifi router to circulate the video and creating an autonomous network, the video part of SmartUrbanization could only be accessed through connected devices within the range of 2 kilometers in the installation area.

Installation view


Server, tower with wifi router, roll banners, HD video 02'41

SmartUrbanization first presentation at annual public art event Seni Bandung 2017 curated by Bob Edrian, Jajang Supriyadi and Dony Ahmad. This work is displayed at Cikapundung Riverspot, Bandung, Indonesia.

Special thanks to SMK Wahidin Kota Cirebon, Teuku Mirza and Marshal Pardede.