SIGNAL #2 - installation

Signal #2 is an installation set piece consists of four different works. The work is an attempt to extend the possibilities of the previous performance work Signal (2015). Signal #2 explores the notion of network, invisible signal-feedback and the agency between human and consumer electronics by subverted its function through the phenomena of video feedback.

Installation view

Signal #2: 00110010
LCD, Camera, Electronics, Speaker

Signal #2: 00110011
CRT, Video Synth, Metal Plates, Tape Recorder

Signal #2: 00110001
LCD, Camera, Mirror

Signal #2: 00110100
LCD, Camera, Morse code, mobile app

Signal #2 first presentation is at duo exhibition with Aditya H. Martodiharjo 'Intomedia' at Galeri Soemardja, 2017.

Curated by Bob Edrian, with writing piece by Anis Annisa Maryam.

Access the written piece about this exhibition here (written in Indonesian language).