Primal Nerve with Rega Ayundya Putri - performance

Primal Nerve is an attempt to accommodate subconsciousness and visceral bodily reaction through a series of sonic production and action drawing. In this project Riar and Rega interested in dissecting the possibilities of performing with less conscious, letting their gestures determined by the events. Both Riar and Rega comes from a different approach on the idea of involuntarily making. Rega explores the notion of automatism in drawing, while Riar interested in the process of looping machinery and it relationship with action reaction. Both approaches collide, producing material and immaterial objects—sound and drawing—through a performative action.

As a performative action, the project Primal Nerve seeks a possibility of interconnection between visual art, sound, body, improvisation and performance. It aims to enrich the interdisciplinary aspect of presenting causal reaction as well as challenge the process of making using both digital and traditional medium. To extend the possibility of broader discussion on the issue of interdisciplinary in art making, Primal Nerve will be presented not exclusively on the art institution or gallery, but music venue, film festival, or public spaces. The result of Primal Nerve will not be always a performance, but a publication and exhibition of the output materials—drawing and sound.

Presented as a 3 hours durational performance at Kolekt Bandung, 2017.

Presented in Body Out: Performance Art Sharing at Taman Ismail Marzuki Jakarta, 2017.

Drawing artifact from 3 hours of Primal Nerve performance at Kolekt Bandung.

First presentation was at Titik Temu Art Space Bandung, November 2016.