I Only Have Senses for You

In Indonesia, when we think of a haunting or supernatural, we associate those phenomena to the unseen force acting upon our tangible space. Considering our contemporary obsession with immateriality and hyper-efficiency through technological achievement (which brings economic growth), unseen force is becoming something so ubiquitous we can’t even detect its omnipresence. Less and less mechanical force, more and more cloud computing and wireless network.

In the fictional story Ringu (1998), Sadako uses technological tools in order to commute between her world and ‘the real.’ If sigil was the language to connect the human and the paranormal, data and algorithmic code is our version of portal to observe an undiscovered realm—or possible new dimension. If the magical process of surfing in the realms of the unreal has actually become easier, it is safe to say that through technological means there is a little need of ritual, magic and paranormality. Only senses, battery and network. Is the unseen entity the new mechanical force? Is there ghost inside telecommunication media that could make it works beyond our understanding? With all of these augmented and virtual realities, will eventually Sadako crawls outside our screen someday?

I Only Have Senses for You investigates the interlink between paranormalities, haunted-media, sonic-fiction, computational moving images and consumer electronics the same way Targeted Individuals understand their paranoia.

Installation view

I Only Have Senses for You (ear piece)
Stereo audio recording of antenna transmitter, speakers, heat-formed acrylics, phone holder, projected picture

I Only Have Senses for You (eye piece #1)
Monitor, cart, HD video loop

I Only Have Senses for You (eye piece #2)
iPod touch, automatic vacuum cleaner, extension cord, 360° video loop