The Agency for Preserving Democracy

Earlier in 2016, Indonesian company V8 launches its own version of Long Range Acoustic Device technology called V8 Raisa—stands for 'Pengurai Massa, roughly translate: mass breakers'. With the Indonesian National Police being one of their client, V8 Raisa becomes one of its tools to overcome mass demonstration that emerged in recent years: the era of sonic armament begins. Fast forward to 2100, The Agency for Preserving Democracy is continue to maintain their mission to keep the democracy alive by selling their latest technology of sonic weaponry. With its fresh visual pattern that is derived from the amalgamation of unicellular organism, camouflage patterns, and digital mosaics, The Agency for Preserving Democracy looks more ecological than ever. Come with the slogan 'welcome to the centre for the future of humanity committee' The Agency for Preserving Democracy hopes to attract more client to defend its sovereignty through the means of sonic technology.

Installation view

The Agency for Preserving Democracy

9000 Hz sine wave, video loop, wood panel, banner, and posters

Visual pattern by Natasha Tontey

First presentation at 'Soemardja Sound Art Project' at Galeri Soemardja, Bandung 2018.

Installation photos by